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DualLiner Truck Bed Liner

The DualLiner Truck Bed Liner is the best 5 piece truck bed liner out on the market today.

The most noticeable feature of the DualLiner truck bed liner is the zero skid rubber mat. Yep, I said ZeroSkid, not just skid resistant. If your cargo slides around, it is in danger. Dual Liner bedliners offer not only truck bed protection but also cargo protection.

DualLiner Truck Bed Liner

DualLiner truck bed liners are a 5 piece component bedliner that consists of 4 UV treated hard plastic outer walls and a 3/8 of an inch thick zero skid rubber mat.

DualLiner is a true do it yourself bed liner, meaning it ships to your door an easily installs in less than 20 minutes. No special tools needed.

Do It Yourself Bed Liner Ships to your door

Buying factory direct has never been a smarter choice.

With DualLiner, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you have any problems feel free to call us at 1-800-992-1949 and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you anytime, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

DualLiner Truck Bed Liner Happy Customer

DualLiner is a fairly new bed liner, the buzz is growing!

The word is out, there is a new bed liner in town, the Dualliner 5 piece truck bed liner is the answer to the common bed liner problems that have plagued the truck bed protection industry. Drop-ins and spray on bed liners are a thing of the past. DualLiner is easy to install and the most cost effective bed liner to date. The future of truck bed protection is here.

Bed Liners In North Carolina

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I don’t know about you, but I try to protect each and every investment I make.

Some of you might not think of your truck as an investment, but I do. Here is why, I paid a lot for my truck and I expect my truck to do certain things (reward or benefit) that I could not do with a car. The reason I invested so much money for my truck is because I use my truck to plow snow in the winter (which would be very difficult to do with out a truck) and it of course provides me with a reward on my investment. Even if you do not use your truck to provide an income there is some benefit that makes it worth having a truck. It might be to tow your fifth wheel trailer to the camp ground or to haul your dune buggy to the dunes, either way the benefit of being able to do these things should out way the initial cost that you paid for your truck.

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Despite increasing concerns for fuel economy, the selling power of full-size trucks has not diminished. That’s probably because these trucks are better than ever, with a wealth of innovative features and fancy creature comforts to go along with the traditionally limitless array of body styles (regular cab, extended cab, crew cab). Improved fuel economy certainly helps, as well.

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5 Piece Bed Liner Made to Last

The Best Products are “made to last” – does your truck bed liner fit in that category?

We’ve all heard someone say “Back in the day, they made trucks to last”. The word trucks in that sentence can be replaced with almost anything, and in general people believe this to be the truth. You can see the logic in building a disposable product, if it wears out you have to buy a new one. Some call this job security, I think it’s more about running your business for maximum profit at all times, damn the consequences.

In the short term cutting costs always feels right. More money in your pocket means more money that can be spent in other places, but we’ve all seen situations where the cost cutting has led to a less than reliable product, and the consumer always bears the brunt of those types of problems. So the question is: “Was your bed liner made to last?”

Drop In Bed Liner WearDualLiner truck bed liners are definitely made to last a lifetime. DualLiner boasts one of the best lifetime warranties on the market. If your DualLiner wears out or causes any problems with your truck, you must simply call them, and they will make it right. DualLiner’s 5 piece design was inspired by the obvious problems that developed from other types of truck bedliners. The improper fit of the one piece drop in bed liners has caused paint wear and damage in the beds of pick-ups for years. That is exactly why Dual Liner went with a 5 piece system that is custom molded for the exact make and model of your truck, to insure that there is no room for rubbing.

Faded Spray On Bed Liner

Spray On Bed Liners are quite the problem plagued part of the truck bed protection industry.

Between the cargo sliding all around your truck’s bed, to the flaking and cracking, then on to the constant complaints of sun fade and UV damage, the complaints are so prevalent on the truck forums that I am very surprised that anyone would consider buying a spray on, but it still happens. The complaints are mostly all the same, they say I have a lifetime warranty, but when I went back to the spray in bed liner dealer with scratches and gouges in the bed, they where going to charge a few hundred dollars for a touch up. If it is the sun fade complaint it is the same line, retouch for $200, some warranty.

The truth is those companies actually profit from that exact type of behavior. They know that once you get a spray on bed liner, that there is no turning back. A spray on is permanent, once they start to get scratched up or faded your only choice is to go back to that dealer for another expensive coat, or is it? Let’s be clear, a DualLiner truck bed liner will fit over that spray on just fine, stop the bleeding from your wallet, fix it once and for all with a DualLiner.

Bed Liners are the most popular truck accessory according to several studies SEMA (specialty equipment market association) conducted in recent years.

This means that bed liners are very popular in just about every major market area due to the popularity of pick up trucks. If you live in a more rural area it may be harder to find a truck accessory store that is  close to your location.  This can be a hassle to not only find the right bed liner for your truck but also to find a quality installer.  Just because the location of the truck accessory store is the closest, it doesn’t always mean that it is the best.   The ideal situation would be a new type of bed liner that could be shipped directly to the consumers front door that would provide the maximum amount of truck protection and be able to be installed very easily by the trucks owner with out any specialty tools or equipment.

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